Please look through the following links that provide amazing resources and support for those in need. Click on any of the following links.

Amazing resource on mental health supports for adults and children. Many counselling supports are available now. As well as information for managing stress, health, and finances.

Government of Canada initiative providing modules on mental and physical wellness, as well as options of counselling support.

Cute website providing activity ideas for kids to get active, limit screen time, get enough sleep, and take care of their health (ie building their ‘best day’)

Infographic by the World Health Organization. How to support children dealing with stress and anxiety related to covid-19.

Continually updated resource on financial supports available.

Comprehensive website with information and strategies for coping with anxiety.

Activities for parents and caregivers to implement at home to reduce anxiety.

Website with tons of information for parents, caregivers, and educators regarding ADHD

Great resource for parenting support. Wide range of topics.

Wonderful resources for anyone to access information about mental health as it pertains to children. Can look at presenting concerns (i.e. anxiety or emotional regulation) and find intervention ideas.

Extensive list of Indigenous counselling and/or mental health supports available.

Website from First Nations Health Authority with information and resources specific to Covid-19.